Telos Personal Training Location 85715

Welcome to Telos, where we provide you with the best programming, coaching, and strength training in all of Tucson. Our experienced team of trainers deliver a level of care for our members you won't find elsewhere. Join us to learn how to move better, get stronger, gain confidence, and see real results.

Personal Training

Our focus is on bettering the process of strength training. We create individualized training programs in a way that allows athletes to build a large base level of physical preparedness to increase performance, prevent injuries, and promote a lifetime of physical activity.

CrossFit & Small Group Classes

CrossFit is an amazing strength training mechanism if applied correctly, and we firmly believe in our programming. If CrossFit isn’t for you (yet), we also have a wide range of small group, coach led classes. We teach members the importance of longevity in training, emphasizing efficiency and mastering movements which equates to improving fitness and getting results. Our standards for coaching are the highest around.

Nutrition Coaching

Our nutrition coaching (like our CrossFit and personal training programs) combines behavioral change with achievement to create habits that will last a LIFETIME. No shakes, no short-term. The purpose of our nutrition coaching is to help clients better understand how to fuel their bodies and reach their goals by creating sustainable, long-term, healthy habits regarding food.