Healthier for the Holidays: Nutrition Challenge Coming Soon!

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There is so such thing as the “perfect” time to pursue your goals.

How many times have you heard someone or even yourself use “when…then” statements?

When I loose five pounds then I’ll ______. When the holidays are over then I’ll ______. When my time frees up then I’ll ______……You can fill in the blanks.

Ask yourself these questions: What happens if I DON’T pursue my goals right now? What happens in a year if I DON’T take action now?

Then ask yourself: What happens if I DO take action to pursue my goals? What happens in a year if I DO take action now?

Start to replace “when..then” statements with “will..because” statements:

I will choose to eat healthier because I want to feel comfortable in my own skin. I will go to the gym three days a week because I want to be able to play soccer with my kids. I will sign up for the nutrition challenge because my health is a priority.

There will always be holidays, celebrations, events, and time factors- those are inevitable.

There is so such thing as the “perfect” time - so do it now, do it for you, and seize the opportunity to accomplish your goals.

If you’re ready to take the plunge to reach your goals with nutrition, sign up for the Healthier for the Holidays Challenge!

30 days of nutrition education, accountability, and resources for you to have a healthy holiday!

Dates: October 29 - November 28

Cost: $75