Nourish and Flourish

General Nutrition Coaching for CrossFit

Eat Less. Exercise More.

Earn Your Food. Exercise Harder.

Eliminate (insert food). Exercise Longer.

Diet culture is so twisted- it’s all about continuously crushing ourselves in the gym and eating less to attain the perfect physique. It has people fearing certain foods, overtraining, and focusing solely on how they look.

(Burn) more calories in order to (earn) less food

Crash dieting and killing yourself in the gym is not sustainable nor is it healthy mentally, emotionally, or physically. Weight loss is so much more than calories in and calories out.

Let’s shift the mentality from “Burn and Earn” to “Nourish and Flourish”.

Eat to (nourish). Exercise to (flourish).

Eat foods that enhance your health as well as your activity level. Exercise in a way that challenges you but also allows you to show up in other areas of your life.

Start by eating real, whole foods- you might actually be surprised at how much you end up eating. Move your body in a way that empowers and strengthens you.

Take care of your body and it will take care of you!

When you start eating to nourish and exercising to flourish the results will follow- perhaps not as quickly as you’d like- but it will happen. And you won’t run yourself into the ground in the process.

Kelly Phu is the head nutrition coach at Telos. Click below to schedule your no-snack intro with Kelly to start your journey to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Nutrition Coaching in Tucson, Tucson CrossFit

Kelly Phu, Tucson Nutrition Coach

Bachelor of Science Nutrition, Dietetics Emphasis

Being actively involved in the health and fitness industry for over 8 years, Kelly has the knowledge and experience to help others achieve their goals no matter what their stage of life or level of ability. Kelly encourages clients to reach outside of their comfort zones to grow physically and mentally. Kelly loves helping others to find their strength, accomplish their goals, and lead better lives.