Guest Post: Using Nutrition to Improve Performance

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I approached Kelly in August 2018 about a nutrition plan geared towards performance in training and competition.

My goal over the past year had been to build strength and gain muscle lost after shoulder surgery in 2017. I had been tracking my nutrition with the MyFitnessPal app, and had been following a high protein, low-carb/low sugar; diet that I believed would help meet my goals. I was consuming on average about 2,400 calories per day with 36%-protein, 35%-carbs, and 28%-fat. To be honest, I was feeling sluggish prior to and during workouts and felt it was affecting my performance.

During my initial meeting with Kelly, we discussed my goal to increase energy levels during training and improve performance in competition. I told Kelly I wanted to gear my nutrition towards the upcoming Telos in-house competition in late October and the Garage Games Master Tour competition in early November. Kelly said that the 12-week timeframe between the start of the new nutrition plan and the first competition was ideal.

Kelly immediately increased my daily calorie consumption to 2,700 calories with 45%-carbs, 25%-protein, and 30%-fat. Kelly introduced complex carbohydrates both prior to and immediately after my daily workouts. I immediately started feeling better and stronger during my workouts.

Kelly and I checked in on a weekly basis and communicated via email to fine tune things. I continued to track my nutrition via the MyFitnessPal app and shared the results with Kelly online. Kelly was so encouraging and continually sent me ideas and recipes to incorporate in my plan.

At the end of October, almost 12-weeks since Kelly and I started the new nutrition plan, I competed in the Telos Strength and Conditioning in-house competition. Against a strong field of participates, I finished 2nd overall and actually won a workout. A week later, I competed in the Garage Games Masters Tour competition in the 50-54 year old age group. I placed 1st in the local competition and ranked 1st overall on the National leaderboard.

Thanks to Kelly and Telos Strength and Conditioning, I was able to improve my strength in training and competition performances through a nutrition and training program. Whether you are a competitive CrossFit athlete or looking to improve your overall health and fitness, I recommend Kelly Culver and Telos Strength & Conditioning 100%!

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