Guest Post: Cheyanne's Nutrition Journey

Tucson Nutrition Coaching that gets REAL RESULTS

In February of this year a picture was taken of me that I couldn’t believe when I saw it. I knew I had gained a little weight but didn’t realize how much. The picture did NOT make me feel good about myself and it was confirmation of what I already knew but didn’t want to admit; even though I was doing CrossFit multiple times per week, I was not a healthy person. I was getting married in 9 months and knew I wanted to be healthier as I started the next chapter in my life. In April I found out that Kelly offered one-on-one nutrition coaching. I was ready to make a change, but I had a couple fears going in; was I going to be hungry all the time? Was the cost going to be worth it? Was I going to be limited to chicken and veggies with no flavor? I decided to take the plunge and I learned after the first few weeks that my fears had no basis. 

I decided to trust Kelly and her coaching process. I was satisfied after meals and ate delicious, healthy things. I was even eating more most days than I had been previously (hello meat and veggies instead of popcorn for dinner)! Along the way, I had some mental and emotional speed bumps when it came to food. Luckily Kelly had created an open, non-judgmental environment and I was able to talk with her about my struggles. I never felt like she was upset or disappointment with me, like I sometimes felt with myself. I only ever received encouragement and support. Kelly always gave me good tools and had ideas up her sleeve every step of the way.

Along with my initial goal of getting leaner, another positive change came; my performance in the gym started to improve. I was getting stronger, faster, and I wasn’t always the last one to finish a workout (if that’s you right now, keep going! The progress will come). Another huge, unexpected side effect for me was how my relationship with food changed. I don’t feel any more like I have to eat until I’m completely stuffed, I can stop at satisfied. Even during the times that I have a “treat” I no longer feel the need to do so in excess. I feel empowered now to make conscious decisions that give my body what fuels it and makes it feel good.

Tucson Nutrition Coaching that Gets REAL RESULTS

On my wedding day in November I felt amazing! With Kelly’s coaching and support, I knew that I had worked hard and done everything I could to be the healthiest version of me that day. I even had a few people at the wedding (including the photographer) compliment my “gainz”. Beginning my married life and going into the holiday season with a new relationship with food feels so good. What I have been taught is manageable, realistic, and sustainable. I am so grateful to Kelly for her knowledge and the gift of a new lifestyle. I hope that my experience can help those who want to make a change but are nervous or aren’t sure how. I promise that being open, honest, and trusting the process will be the biggest keys for success along the journey and it is all so worth it!

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