Stop “Cheating” on Your Nutrition

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Cheat Meals

Oh, how I loathe that term.

Why? Well calling it a ‘cheat’ gives meals and food a super negative connotation. And cheat meals are rarely just one meal, they can easily turn into ‘eat anything and everything in site’ aka a full out binge.

What kinds of foods do you think of when you hear ‘cheat meal’? I’m guessing it involves crazy processed food- a whole pizza, three donuts, four margaritas etc.

These ‘cheat’ foods wreak havoc on our nutrition, our gut, and our relationship with food.

If your nutrition is balanced with whole, quality foods you shouldn’t need a cheat meal.

No, it’s not about eating ‘perfect’ foods all the time and depriving ourselves of Grandmas’s fresh baked cookies. It’s about choosing more nutritious foods >80% of the time and when Grandma bakes those cookies we make a *conscious* choice to eat or not eat the cookie. If you *decide* to eat the cookie, you fully enjoy the cookie and then move on- right back on track- without guilt and without totally losing control.

It’s okay to have a treat every now and then. But full on ‘cheating’ on your nutrition is holding you back from your goals.

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