Do you Have Food Freedom?

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Do you have food freedom? Or does food control you?

How would you handle this situation?

You’ve been following a healthy meal plan for a while now, you’re at a BBQ and the brownies are calling your name. Do you completely avoid the brownies even though they remain at the forefront of your mind the rest of the night and you’re not totally engaged with those around you?

Or do you walk over, scarf a brownie down and then return to the brownie platter 5 more times that night with the thought “Screw this, I’ve already screwed up my plan might as well have more.”

Or do you take a second to process why you want that brownie. Do you want it because you feel like you’re depriving yourself or you’d feel left out if you don’t have one? Is your body truly craving that treat or is it coming from an emotion?

Here’s what food freedom looks like:

You’ve been eating healthy, feeling good, and crushing your meal plan. You see those brownies and you think to yourself- do I *actually* want those or am I acting out of some other emotion? Will I feel satisfied after I eat one or just guilty? Will eating the brownie get me closer to my goals? Consciously make that decision and know that you are in control here.

If you decide you actually want one- fill yourself up with protein first. And then ask again- do I really want this. If the answer is yes- have a brownie! Eat a normal sized brownie, enjoy every single bite, and then move on.

If the answer is no- give yourself a mental high five for taking control of the situation and deciding for yourself.

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