Don't Be Saucy

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Are you dousing your healthy proteins, carbs, and fats in sauces? Those heavy sauces could be holding you back from your goals. Often times things such as BBQ sauce, ketchup, or creamy dressings contain a lot of sugar and additives. Read the list of ingredients and you’ll typically see sugar as the second or third ingredient- these refined sugars and additives lack any kind of nutritional benefit.
Try seasoning your macronutrients to make them delicious and keep them nutritious. Healthy food does not have to be boring or bland!

My personal favorites are:

* Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel Spice- great on pretty much everything!

* Garlic and onion powder

* Salt and Pepper

* Turmeric- goes great on roasted vegetables or eggs and has a ton of anti-inflammatory benefits! Just be sure to combine turmeric with black pepper as this increases the bioavailability of curcumin.

You can also try different herbs like basil and oregano. Or use a citrus zest to liven up your poultry. Try adding ground spices like cinnamon to your sweet potatoes or oats. Use cumin or paprika to spice up your meals.

As always it’s all about balance and prioritizing real, whole quality foods - even when it comes to seasoning your food.