Meal Prep

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Meal Prep Like a Boss

Scenario: You get home after a long day at work, you’re hangry, tired, and starving! You open up the fridge and there is no food, ugh! You just started eating healthy and taking control of your nutrition so you panic. What can I eat!? I’m so hungry, it’s already 8pm, I don’t have the energy to cook etc etc. Well, frozen pizza it is. 


This is why meal prep is SO important when it comes to eating healthy and being successful with your nutrition. Cooking in the kitchen for 4 hours, ain’t nobody got time for that!

Instead of prepping 20 individual meals for the week, prep foods in bulk! This gives you the flexibility to create different meals, portion out your foods, and not have to eat soggy spinach for the fourth day in a row.

If you are serious about reaching those health and nutrition goals, food prep is a must! Here are some tips:

Plan Your Week

- Choose an easy go-to breakfast. Egg bites or frittatas are easy to bulk prep for a quick on the go option.

-Plan your grocery list in 2’s. 2 meats/proteins, 2 smart carbs, 2 healthy fats, and 2 veggies. Pick one of each for lunch and one of each for dinner. Boom- you have a complete meal!

Meal Prep

- Pick a day where you can spare ~1 hour.

- Throw on some jams or a show and get to prepping. You could even make this a family affair. One person is in charge or chopping, one person is in charge of seasoning, and one is in charge of the timer. 

- Save some time with pre-chopped veggies. Frozen organic veggies are always an easy option. Fun fact- buying *organic* frozen produce preserves more micronutrients and vitamins that are important for your health than non-organic. Pro Tip- Costco has a great variety of frozen organic veggies! Also keep easy to grab veggies on hand i.e snap peas, peppers, leafy greens.

- Cook meats and smart carbs first as those take the longest.

- Multi-task! Cooking something on the stove? Throw something in the oven at the same time. Pro tip: roast your veggies! This saves time and allows you to cook just until tender therefore preserving those important vitamins and minerals.

- Keep it simple!! No need to make intricate, Pinterest worthy recipes if you legit don’t have the time. Bulk roast your meats, carbs, and veggies, Use the healthy fats as a garnish to your meals.

- Seasoning is your friend! Check out this blog for spice ideas.

- Do a mini food prep mid week to ensure food freshness.

Plan ahead, prioritize, and be prepared. That is the key to success

If you want help taking control of your nutrition once and for all, come see Kelly! She’s an expert at helping her clients achieve a healthy relationship with food to lose weight, gain energy, and improve performance. Click on the link below to get started!