Sleep = Results

Tucson Nutrition Coach

So you’ve been crushing it in the gym and in your nutrition but you’re still not seeing results. You’re not hitting PR’s and your pants aren’t fitting comfortably…what’s the deal!? Here’s my question for you- how’s your sleep? Sleep is super underrated when it comes to body composition, performance in the gym, and overall health. Chronically neglecting sleep can lead to:

- increased food cravings- specifically sugary, dense carbohydrates.

- impaired cognition

- impaired immune system

- wacky digestion and hormones

- blood sugar issues

- and general moodiness - Moody Judy- not so fun to be around.

Fun Fact: Even just one night of poor sleep can cause blood sugar surges and hormonal fluctuations that increase carb cravings and can lead to weight gain. Source: Patrick Holford- Optimal Nutrition

Sleep needs to be a priority not just for the gym for your HEALTH! You can’t deny that after getting a solid 8+ hours of sleep you feel like a unicorn the next day, am I right!?

So how can we sleep better?

-Minimize caffeine consumption. Especially afternoon caffeine consumption. Check out this post to learn more about caffeine and tips on how to kick your caffeine addiction to the curb.

-Minimize blue light exposure at least 2 hours before bed. Exposure to blue light messes with our natural ability to produce melatonin aka your sleepy hormone. Shift your electronics to night mode, download the Flux app for your computer, and invest in blue light blocking shades. Or even better shoot for zero screen time before bed- read a book!

- Speaking of blue light- if you work inside all day you’re constantly being exposed to artificial light therefore decreasing your melatonin levels. We are lucky enough to live in sunny Arizona- go outside on breaks to increase your vitamin D levels!

-Herbal teas for the win! Try soothing teas like chamomile, lavender, or valerian root tea to help you relax. You can also try essential oils of the same things.

- Set an alarm for a nightly “wind-down” time. Shut off electronics, do some deep stretching or deep breathing, and make sure your sleep area is cold and completely dark. 

- Supplementing with magnesium before bed can also help calm our nervous system and prepare our bodies for sleep. Pro Tip: before you go buy magnesium know that the type of magnesium you get matters- some forms will act more as a laxative than a sleep aid. Consult with your doctor or a nutrition coach before hopping on the magnesium bandwagon.

Ideally you should be getting at least 6 hours of quality sleep, preferably 8-10hrs.

If you’re struggling to hit your goals in the gym, improving your sleep might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

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