The way we program is designed to allow members to continually improve all aspects of their fitness. We concurrently train strength, high intensity, and low intensity conditioning to train different energy systems and allow for complete recovery. The assistance work we do on a daily basis is targeted to bring up weaknesses and prevent injury, complementing different types of lifts done throughout the week. Our goal is to help you look and feel better, while developing a large foundation of general physical preparedness (GPP) in the process.

CrossFit Daily Workouts Week of 12/10-12/15

Tucson CrossFit, Personal Training, and Nutrition Coaching


A. Strength

10 Rep max goblet squat

3x10 goblet squat 2 bell sizes lighter

B. Conditioning

5 minutes:

10 rack lunges (35s/ 26s)

30 double unders

3 minute Rest

5 minutes:

10 double kb deadlift

5 strict pull up

C. Assistance

Hamstrings, low back, abs


A. Strength

8x8 bench press (go every 2 minutes)

B. Conditioning

On the minute:

8 pushups

Farmers hold the remainder (70/53)

C. Assistance

Upper back, triceps


A.. Strength

Clean 6x3 (65%)

B. Conditioning

30 minutes- Rotate 2 minute stations of:

jump rope


suitcase carry (1:00 Each arm)


A.. Strength

5x5 Front squat 65%

B. Conditioning

3 Rounds

20 hang cleans (95 lbs/ 65 lbs.)

20 Banded good mornings

C. Assistance

Low back, hamstring, abs


A. Strength

5 RM Push Press

B. Conditioning

8 minutes

5 Russian Swings

5 Pull ups

C. Assistance

Triceps, Upper back, Shoulders Abs


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