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Tucson Personal Training


I started working out at Telos because I was an absolute mess. A close friend recommenced Telos highlighting the excellent trainers and group accountability and I'm so glad I joined! At 43, I'd just had a very difficult twin pregnancy which included a long hospital bed-rest stay. The twins came early and spent a good while in NICU. Once we got them home, they needed extra feedings since they were so small. I was exhausted and very weak- my back would go out for what seemed like any reason leaving me laid up in bed, unable to attend to my babies in the way they deserved. Quite honestly, I felt so miserable and was having a difficult time enjoying the mother experience that I'd worked so hard to have. 

Since Joining Telos on November 4th, 2018, I have lost at least 35 lbs and have become strong and revitalized! I'm able to play with my children on the floor, toss them in the air, and easily withstand the sometimes very long nights. I've become the young, energetic mom my babies deserve!  Working out at Telos is such a wonderful and family-like experience. All the trainers and fellow members cheered me on even when I couldn't do one simple squat and they were with me to celebrate every achievement, no matter how small; never have I felt more supported and encouraged. 

Telos offers so much to every fitness level individual. My husband has benefited greatly from Telos Personal Training sessions as well as group classes that work so very well with his unusual work schedule. We both signed up for the 28 Day Food Challenge which transformed our lifestyle. We learned how to eat really well without feeling like we were missing out and we were never hungry. This experience has been the most comprehensive gym experience I've ever had the privilege to enjoy. I strongly recommend this gym to anyone seeking a path to health, wellness, and wanting a true transformation.  Telos trainers are exceedingly skilled and will take you to the next level no matter if you're an out-of-shape new mom or an olympic athlete. 

Thank you, Telos.  Thank you for helping me get my life back and encouraging me when I didn't think I could continue on. Thank you for helping me become the mother my children need and deserve. Thank you also for those pesky little 'checking on me' texts you'd send me if I missed a class or two.  

Tucson Strength Training and Personal Training


I started Telos to improve my overall health, recharge, and lose weight. Little did I realize that I’d get stronger physically and mentally. I’ve gained a confidence and strength that I didn’t expect, and it has helped me with my work and home life. When I was out for 6 weeks I missed my routine and challenging myself, as well as the social aspect of the gym. I keep coming back for more because I feel great after the workouts, I’ve seen and feel a change in my body, and it’s become part of my life. Sometimes it’s wicked hard - I have to remind myself I signed up for this and it’s only an hour…what doesn’t kill me will make me stronger! I was extremely intimidated when I first started coming to Telos. However, as I continued to come I realized there was no reason to be intimidated. The coaches and members are supportive and fun, there is never any judgement. I feel comfortable and appreciate the encouragement and camaraderie. I really enjoy working out with my pal Julie, but I’m ok coming in on my own now! The classes are relaxed, but tough with lots of laughter and friendly vibes! I love how my peers assist me and offer suggestions to improve my technique. A great atmosphere! Now my goals are to keep challenging myself and continue to improve my technique, perhaps do a strict pull-up...Ideally, I’d like to impress my teenage boys, instead of the constant teasing and hearing “wait, you do CrossFit”-accompanied by eye rolling and chuckling. We shall see. Hopefully they are secretly, a tiny bit proud of their old mom. 

Tucson CrossFit and Personal Training


My CrossFit journey started in July 2018 at Telos. While I was excited at the thought of CrossFit, I was equally as terrified to try it! Life has a funny way of opening doors as I am a RN and I learned that I had co-workers who are members Telos. (Thank you Kurt!) So with a little persuasion, another co-worker who is also my closest friend, joined with me (yes you Vicki!) and we have been obsessed ever since! When I initially searched for nearby gyms and saw the name Telos, I was drawn in immediately. I was searching for a new workout regimen, not just for the exercise but also to train. I learned that there is a big difference. I believe everything has a purpose and I embrace this philosophy. Training has taken on a different meaning for me. Physical strength, endurance, discipline and determination are just a few components of success that you train for and that you need in order to be able to get up when life comes along and you take a few hard hits. Not too long ago I experienced significant loss of multiple family members all in a short time. It made me realize how unpredictable and short life can be and is true to the saying, “you really don’t know how strong you are until it’s the only choice you have.” Telos provided a friendly and accepting environment that has helped me to learn it’s ok to be vulnerable, even when I feel like I look awkward and silly learning new techniques! I have a sense of pride and worthiness when I achieve proper form or am able to reach a new PR. I discovered a strength through CrossFit that I never knew I had. My goals now are to continue to live a life with purpose and balance, become stronger in every capacity and be a healthy role model for my children. I want them to see that even though life is not easy, we never give up and it is always worth it! I would like to sincerely thank the coaches and members of the special community at Telos for the incredible amount of support and positive encouragement that gives me the confidence to keep persevering!



I began working out at Telos while really struggling to enjoy the amount of time I was spending at work.  Getting my workout in during the morning hours has allowed me to start the day on the best note possible and that attitude and energy has rejuvenated my efforts at work. What I enjoy the most is the incredibly thoughtful programming and coaches.  The coaches understand the nuances of pushing me to get better, stronger, faster, while allowing for days of recovery and auxiliary work.  Due to the smaller class sizes it really allows the coaches to know each member well and scale workouts effectively. I started at Telos as a burned out triathlete that felt weak, had nagging injuries, and wasn't enjoying training.  After 5 months of working out at Telos I am beginning to build my training back up and will be racing several triathlons this spring and summer culminating with Ironman AZ 70.3 this fall. Can't wait to rock all my Telos gear on race day!

Tucson Personal Training
Tucson CrossFit and Personal Training


I began going to Telos when my wonderful friend Amy Haskell asked me to join her at this amazing new place. I knew it would be great if Amy loved it. It was the best decision I ever made and I'm so thankful to her for that. Telos has helped me to become stronger, inside and out. I can keep up with my life now. Being a teacher is not a job for the weak. Things that exhausted me before are now easier. I first noticed a big change when I was not out of breath when I ran across the playground at school to help a student. I feel confident that I have made fitness a habit in my life and look forward to that continued change. I have many goals going forward-I try to keep upping my skills each time I go to the gym. I really want to lift more and get stronger. I would also love to row a marathon! I have too many memories at Telos to count! I love that people dance with me through rotations, that the mom group is so encouraging even if I'm only able to come once in awhile, and that we play outside of the gym too! The half marathon row was an amazing experience and I feel so lucky to have gotten the chance to do that. I also really love that my workout buddy Tiffany pushes me to do more because she believes in me. Our friendship has deepened by our time at Telos and I'm truly grateful for that. And I owe a HUGE part of my success to Rane. There are truly no words to express the encouragement and support she provides me. I wouldn't have been able to do even a fraction of what I can now if it wasn't for her. 



I like the friendly atmosphere between the athletes and the trainers. It is very professional and well-kept. One does not feel like they’re in an environment of “gym rats”, who are trying to impress each other. The athletes are there to improve their physical condition or maintain proper balance. Each trainer is very approachable. Since coming to Telos, I have improved my flexibility and physical stature. I’m able to walk more upright with my shoulders back which helps me in the emergency department. We are constantly in motion. I have improved my body mechanics through working out at the gym. Looking forward, my goals are to increase flexibility in my spine, hamstrings and shoulders, while increasing strength and endurance.  Kelly has helped me lose weight correctly, while not starving myself. My favorite memory is from my trainer Dianne. When I am exhausted, believing I have reached my limit, when I am hurting, I tell Dianne and she looks at me with a very loving smile and says “I know!”, and we continue.  “Last Set, Best Set!”

Tucson CrossFit and Personal Training
Tucson CrossFit and Personal Training


Telos has helped me to make my health a priority.  Working out on a regular basis is motivating in so many ways.  I find that I now look forward to my workouts, and I am much stronger than I was when I first started at Telos.  I also find that when I am working out on a regular basis, I am much more motivated to make better food choices.  What I like best about working out at Telos is the great people that I have met there.  We all have our busy lives, and it is motivating to be surrounded by so many people that are striving to be their best, both mentally and physically.  My favorite Telos memory was being able to ring the bell after achieving a personal goal; toes to bar.  Looking forward my goals are to continue to build my strength and endurance, and to continue to motivate my fellow workout buddies. Who knows, we may even be able to do that chin up by March. Thanks, Rane, for always being there to encourage us and to help us to reach our goals!



What I like best about Telos are the people - both the coaches and the members. The coaches are great mentors. I'm always learning something new and aspire to be as strong as they are! Some of the members are my closest friends. Nothing is more bonding than laying on the floor together and trying to recover after a WOD. My biggest overall improvement outside of the gym has been my nutrition. Kelly's nutrition challenge recently helped get me through a cruise and the holidays. Plus a 100 calorie cookie is not worth 100 calories on the assault bike. Simple but true saying - You cannot out train a bad diet.

My goals going forward are deadlifting two times my body weight and to improve any gymnastics moves. Also, eat more veggies! Favorite memory at the gym? My first pull-up without a band.

Thanks to Karen and Shaun for all of their hard work! They are dedicated to provide a place where I can work on getting stronger (both physically & mentally), decrease my stress, and hang out with my friends. 

Tucson CrossFit and Personal Training
Tucson Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching


When I first began working out at Telos, I was a bit nervous not knowing what to expect. I hadn’t been in a gym in a very long time and wasn’t feeling confident about my capabilities. The nervousness subsided once I met with the coaches at Telos. We sat down to discuss my needs and goals and a plan was structured on how to achieve what I wanted/needed. I most like the atmosphere, there’s a true camaraderie and support from both the coaches and the members of Telos. It’s always been a positive experience. Since coming to Telos, I have more confidence and energy, but most importantly I am healthier than I’ve been in a long time. I’m more active and making healthy choices with the foods I consume. Now my journey continues. I began training 8 months ago as my 50th birthday is sneaking up (April 3), I wanted to be fit and healthy before I turned 50. Although I haven’t reached exactly where I want to be, I’ve made great strides toward my goals. I will reach 50 in better shape and this is now part of my lifestyle. It’s not a temporary fix but one that will continue. I have so many good memories at Telos, but my top three are: 1) All of my training accomplishments from day 1 to now. I never thought I could challenge myself the way I have from my “beginner” stage to now. I feel I’ve come a long way with the support from Shaun. 2) Rowing!! I rowed my first 1/2 marathon and completed a 100,000M holiday rowing challenge. I was super excited to accomplish this. 3) I was training with Shaun one day and just couldn’t find the energy to complete the exercises put before me. I struggled through the whole training session and just felt defeated. When I got home I received the following text: “I know you were feeling a little off tonight, but don’t let it detour you from the work you have put in. Some days you have a spoon and others a bulldozer, either way you keep moving dirt. I hope your back feels better.” -Shaun  This has stuck with me. My experiences at Telos are always challenging (in a good way) and there’s always such support and positivity. It’s infectious and you leave Telos feeling better about yourself.

Tucson Personal Training and CrossFit


In March of 2017 my youngest brother, Tyler, passed away. Tyler and I were really close and he was such an amazing person. I spent some time really struggling with learning to cope with the grief after his loss. I remember leaving the gym after those first few weeks of work outs in February of 2018 realizing I was starting to feel like me again, and like I was finally able to take those first steps towards healing.  I don't just enjoy working out at Telos, I look forward to it and even on those days when I don't feel like working out, I always leave the gym so glad that I didn't miss that workout. Rane is such an amazing trainer. She is always so positive and encouraging. She makes me want to work harder and do it better. I've accomplished things at Telos I never thought I could, but am so glad that I have. The Rowing Crew makes it fun, and even when we aren't having fun together, there is something really special about reaching goals with outstanding people -  especially my workout buddy, Stacey, who introduced me to the gym. I've met so many really great people at Telos. I give credit to Karen and Shaun for creating an amazing gym community. 

I am continuously trying to improve my rowing. Without a doubt, my favorite Telos memory was the day I both completed a half-marathon and reached 100k meters in a month. I remember the first time Rane shared her plan for us, and I thought she must be gearing these goals towards the strongest rowers in our group. I think she saw the doubt on my face the second time she mentioned it, because afterward she talked to me and told me she was confident that I could reach those goals. I wasn't convinced, but I started logging my meters for the month. I was motivated by the meters adding up, so I started arriving early to row extra meters. I realized that if I did complete a half-marathon I could accomplish both goals. On marathon day I walked into a totally decorated gym (I still have my flag Rane!) and people were having a great time. Stacey and I started and finished our rows together and I reached my 100k meters in the middle of my half marathon. I was so proud of myself and my fellow rowers.  Now I am working on being very deliberate with my core movements while working out and I'd like to be able to do a pull-up. I have never been able to do a pull-up at any point in my life, but I'm hoping to reach this goal the same way I have the others that at times felt unattainable.  

Tucson CrossFit and Personal Training


I had lost a lot of fitness after a low back injury in 2016-17, which resulted in me quitting CrossFit. Rane assured me that I could successfully attend the rowing class and modify movements when needed. I was extremely hesitant to give it a try because my back was finally feeling on the mend. Rowing class has helped me gain core strength again, resulting in pain free days! I have loved getting to know a whole new group of people. Now I’m looking to continue to refine my fitness and embrace new challenges that come my way. Everyone at Telos is extremely friendly and supportive. My favorite memory is rowing a marathon with Rane and Shari- something I never would have done without the support and company of amazing teammates. The rowing class peeps are AWESOME! Love that group!



Coming to Telos has helped me in every way. There is not an aspect of my life that has not changed since I began my health journey 3 years ago. Besides weight loss and being stronger, I have been HEALED from migraines, eczema, joint pain, inflammation, stomach issues, sleep issues, hormonal/emotional issues through nutrition and exercise…every aspect of my life has been affected positively! The best part of coming to Telos is the culture: the friendliness and genuine care of every member. The coaches sincerely want to support us and see us be our best selves. 

My favorite memory is my first day at the gym (it was awful, haha!) Let me explain: Taking the first step towards my health journey was one of the hardest, scariest moments for me personally. Being able to look back on the memory of my ‘start’ reminds me how far I’ve come and how much stronger I am physically, emotionally and spiritually! When I first started I had never stepped into a gym before (and thought I was making pretty good food choices.) I had no experience and the most basic movements were so challenging. I was only 35 and my health was in a rapid decline. I made the choice not to ignore my health anymore and put myself on my own “to-do list.” I did it not only for me but for my family and the people I want to love, serve, and be present for in my life. It was a game-changer. Looking forward my goal is to continue practicing consistency, pushing myself in the gym and not making excuses. Continuing to grow in every aspect of my life and consistently having an attitude of gratitude for the precious gift of health and wellness!

Tucson Personal Training to get results
Tucson CrossFit and Personal Training


There are so many great things about Telos. I have been a member for 10 years and there is a reason that I keep coming every week. The classes are fun, the personal training is rewarding, the members are supportive, and the coaches are the best! Whether I start or end my day at Telos, it gives me the confidence that I can tackle just about any challenge in life. Right now, my main goal is to stay healthy and continue improving in all areas of strength and fitness.

Among my best memories here is the time when Shaun told me that he and Karen would be taking over the gym. It was such a big moment for him and I felt his excitement and passion to succeed. Another one was when Karl asked Shaun if when he looks over at us in group class, does he feel a sense of pride? That was a funny moment.



Joining Telos has changed my life.  A year ago I was in a terrible rut after a family tragedy blew us up.  I had long been so focused on my children that I lost myself.  I was out of shape, and I felt my physical condition would soon affect my health and my ability to work as a Physical Therapist. I knew I needed help to get moving and Rane Clements popped up in an online search for Personal Trainers near me. She was exactly who I needed!  Karen and Shaun, Rane, and the other people I have met in the gym provided a very welcoming and motivating atmosphere where I have been challenged, inspired, and befriended. I feel physically and emotionally stronger and more confidant in my life and in my job.  My children are very happy to see me come alive with new friends and a new passion.  This has helped me set an example for them that there are all kinds of strength, we can do anything we decide to do, life always has something new and wonderful to offer, and that their Mom is pretty cool. 

There have been many memorable moments especially from the Rowing challenge—Stacey busting moves and making everyone smile through the pain, Rane right in the trenches leading us in the rowing marathon, Rob shooting a fireball to celebrate, and best of all the moment when I finally finished and there were people around me cheering.  What a great place to be. 

Shari just completed her most recent goal, which was to complete a marathon on the Concept2 Rower: 42,195 meters in 3 hrs 47 min.  Woohoo!

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The primary thing that keeps me coming back to Telos week after week is the community that has been created and built at the gym.  Every class is filled with people that are encouraging, fun, and all pushing their personal limits. I love to workout and could get a good workout most places.  However, the thing that has set Telos apart from other places I have worked out is the environment.  The coaches are incredibly knowledgeable and professional.  They want the best for everyone there and that feels really good.  The workouts are challenging and fun, and its such a good feeling to be surrounded by people working toward similar goals. I look forward to coming in each and every time. I know I am not just benefitting for the hour I am working out in the gym. I have participated in multiple events and races outside of Telos and have felt a direct correlation to success to my time in the gym.  I think pushing myself through tough workouts has strengthened my mental toughness in physically demanding times outside of the gym.  More than that, and not to be dramatic but, I feel better as a whole because of the time I spend at Telos: emotionally, physically, mentally.  I think I am a better version of myself, because of my time committed to the gym. I feel lucky enough to say I have many dear friends, simply from the time we have spent next to each other in class.



My sister-in-law, Dianne Wygal-Springer, has focused my personal training on mobility and overall fitness. Her expertise and support has helped me make significant progress; so much so that other activities, like my golf game, have also seen improvement! The first goal I reached in CrossFit was to complete “Murph” [1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats, 1 mile run] in less than 60 minutes.  I have also completed the [CrossFit] “Open” the last two years running; this relates to what I’m currently working on - I want to improve my overall performance and standing from the 2018 open when I compete in the 2019 open.  My favorite Telos memory (so far) is finishing this year’s Memorial Day Murph.  So many other Telos gym members were there, and cheered me on at the finish. JT actually ran the last 100 meters with me.  It was a great feeling of camaraderie.  I am looking forward to many more years of exercise and fitness as a Telos member!



I'll never forget the first time I did prowlers, it's when I really found out how not in shape I was. I’m pretty sure I was lying on the floor for about 30 minutes after the workout, and then I got in my car and went right to Subway and probably sat there for an hour until I felt safe driving home. That’s how you know it's a good workout! Coming to Telos has helped me outside of the gym in many different ways! It's helped me improve my high intensity skating at hockey. It's improved my flexibility and range of motion in every movement, especially my shoulder and lower back (I used to be plagued with injury). And of course confidence levels are up when I go to the pool (haha). The first goal I reached here was being able to do multiple muscle ups in a row. I've always been a big fan of that movement - I find them really fun. All it took was some expert advice from some great coaches and the technique came together. I actually just hit my long time goal of 10 muscles ups in a row yesterday! There's no better feeling than coming out of the gym after hitting a PR. Moving forward, I have a lot of different goals, which ultimately is why I love CrossFit: you’re constantly able to progress. At the moment I’m working on improving handstands, handstand push ups and hopefully soon a long handstand walk. I'm also practicing double unders every chance I get - those are tough and super frustrating.



Coming to Telos has helped me be more open to trying new things outside of the gym that intimidate me. It has also helped me to not get winded doing everyday things like walking the three flights of stairs to get home! Now I am working on getting stronger and fueling my body with good nutrition. The first goal I reached at Telos was learning to be okay with not being the best or first at everything. It sounds strange but it was a big hurdle for me. My first physical goal was doing a snatch without falling over in the bottom. My favorite memories at Telos are from my birthday last April and when I PR’d my deadlift a couple months ago. Both times I was so happy and everyone was so encouraging and happy for me! Too bad the tutu and tiara were missing for my deadlift...