Who We Are.

Shaun's parents, Terry and Julie Hazelton, on their boat "Telos".

Shaun's parents, Terry and Julie Hazelton, on their boat "Telos".

Telos Strength & Conditioning was opened in 2017 by Shaun and Karen Hazelton.  A “telos” is Greek for “end,” “purpose,” or “goal.” It is defined as an “ultimate object or aim, the end of a goal-oriented process.” Using this as the name for a gym has obvious significance. We find out what our clients want to achieve, set tangible process goals, and train each day with intention. Furthermore, Telos is also significant to us as it was the name of Shaun’s late father’s boat. His Dad was his role model, instilling in Shaun strong work ethic, dedication, and love of coaching. Shaun spent countless hours in the weight room with his Dad, where he learned how to lift and realized the connection between effort and success.

Today, Shaun's passion is being a strength coach: working with people to help them reach their goals, whether that means improving their personal fitness or pursuing athletic dreams. 

We are grateful to have the opportunity to honor Shaun's Father in this way. Our coaches lead by example, work to provide a strong community and the highest level of training. We help people achieve a healthier, active life. That responsibility means introducing our members to different types of workouts, helping them to feel comfortable in any environment, and giving them attributes they can display with pride.

Above all, we believe in ourselves and our members! 

JOIN Our Team. 

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