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Small Group Classes.

We have something for everyone, and if CrossFit isn't your thing (yet), we still have a class for you! Read on for a short description of what we offer, and when you come in for your Intro we will discuss each class in detail to help you decide what will be the best fit for you. 

Boot Camp

Resistance training and body weight exercises are used to develop a broad base of general physical preparedness.


Kettlebells are implemented to improve strength, mental toughness, mobility, and aerobic endurance.

Rowing with Circuit Training

Use rowing technique to gain speed and strength. Circuit training with both weighted and body weight movements is also incorporated.

Mom Strong

45 minute full body training sessions that combine strength, technique, and metabolic conditioning in interval style workouts.


Those who are new to kettlebell and dumbbell movements they will use in class complete three, one-on-one 30-minute on ramp sessions with one of our experienced coaches. These sessions introduce new athletes to the basic movements used regularly in our classes including:

  • squat

  • deadlift

  • clean

  • snatch

  • presses

  • bodyweight movements

The emphasis of these sessions are technique and introducing the intense, but fun, nature of our classes. These one-on-one sessions will allow you to integrate EASILY and SAFELY into our regular classes. The sessions are scheduled at a time convenient to you.

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On Ramp: $285

Three half hour personal training sessions to introduce basic skills and movements to new members. This includes the first month of unlimited group membership.

Unlimited Group Membership: $150 per month

Access to all group classes offered (Including CrossFit). 

Two Times/Week Membership: $115 per month

Access to all group classes offered (including CrossFit) two times per week.