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Connect Effort & Results.

Deliberate effort is made to bring the highest level of coaching, programming, and service to all of our members. We continue to learn about the best training methods and pass on this knowledge and experience. Our exceptional coaching staff helps members reach their fitness goals by learning what they aspire to achieve, helping to set tangible goals, and training each day with intention. 

Meet Shaun.


Playing sports and learning how to compete as a team has always been an important part of Shaun’s upbringing. In high school, Shaun began spending time in the weight room with his father, where he learned sound lifting technique and progressions were crucial in creating a strong, well balanced athlete. After high school, Shaun went on to play college football at Western State Colorado University, earning degrees in exercise science and psychology.

Looking for another way to compete after football, Shaun discovered CrossFit in 2010, and enjoyed the work that went into learning and progressing the variety of movements and training. Shaun earned his way to CrossFit regionals as an individual every year from 2011-2015. He has finished in the top 12 three times.

This competitive experience has given Shaun an opportunity to pass on his lessons learned to clients and help them reach their fitness goals. Shaun’s passion is being a strength coach. He understands how to help members get results, decrease injury, and get the best out of people.

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Our Coaches.


Kelly Phu

Kelly was born and raised in Colorado and came to Tucson to attend college and the University of Arizona. During her undergrad, Kelly taught group fitness classes at the University’s Recreation Center and found a passion for fitness and motivating others to live an active life.

Kelly has a wide background in fitness ranging from spinning, boxing, indoor surfing, body building, and CrossFit. She loves the way exercise can be so empowering and likes to incorporate many different aspects of her experience in personal training sessions and group classes. 

Being actively involved in the health and fitness industry for over 8 years, Kelly has the knowledge and experience to help others achieve their goals no matter what their stage of life or level of ability. Kelly encourages clients to reach outside of their comfort zones to grow physically and mentally. Kelly loves helping others to find their strength, accomplish their goals, and lead better lives.

  • NASM CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)

  • Eleiko Strength Coach

  • Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences: dietetics emphasis


Rane Clements

Although Rane swam and ran track growing up, it wasn’t until her late 20's that she got serious about athletics. She discovered a love for triathlons and marathons, and for the next twenty years she coached, trained, and raced all three disciplines. Favorite memories include racing Ironman Cozumel, the Boston Marathon, and the La Jolla Roughwater Gatorman Swim.

Wanting to try something different, Rane found and loved the variety of the Boot Camp, kettlebells, and powerlifting movements found in CrossFit. 

Rane’s coaching background includes Masters Swim Coach at Ford Aquatics and Men’s Swim Team Head Coach at Flowing Wells High School. Her UA Masters degree in Athletic Administration included a six-month internship at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.

  • Aerobic Capacity Seminar

  • CrossFit Level I Trainer

  • CrossFit Master’s Course


Dianne Wygal

Dianne's previous career was with Tucson Fire Department. She was promoted through the rank of Paramedic and worked on a medic truck for 6 years. She was then promoted to Captain and worked in that capacity for the last 11 years of her career. 

Dianne has seen that as a personal trainer, many aspects of her work are similar to those at Tucson Fire: guiding clients to help them achieve their health and fitness goals while educating them about the process along the way.

Dianne grew up a competitive swimmer and remained competitive as an adult until a swimming injury halted her ability to compete. Continuing to work with athletes as a trainer has been rewarding for Dianne, she loves to help people improve their lives and celebrate in their success throughout their jouney.

  • Certified Personal Trainer (International Sports Science Association)

  • CrossFit Level I Trainer


Ben Holland

Ben has been a competitive athlete for most of his life. Growing up, he participated in the sports of wrestling, football, and baseball for over 10 years, and also competed in track and field, swimming, and even the rodeo world with Bull and Bronc riding. Ben’s first experience with weight training started in Junior High at the age of 13, as the sports he played demanded a good balance between conditioning and strength.

In High School, Ben was a part of a sound strength and conditioning program that included Olympic Lifts, Powerlifting, Sprint/Speed and agility work: “High Intensity Circuit Training” before there was what we now know as “CrossFit.” He learned to love the constantly varied workouts and the everyday challenges that would come with it. 

After two years of Community College Football, Ben decided to join the Military and serve as a part of the Special Operations community. Ben found his way instructing the Leaders in the Military how to structure and run a safe and reliable fitness program to not only help soldiers get stronger, but to also rehabilitate those injured and to help prevent more soldiers from injury.

Ben coaches to see others reach new levels they did not think was possible; to see the smile on someone’s face when they achieve their goals. Helping those that want to help themselves is a beautiful place to be.

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

  • MobilityWod Course

  • Power Athlete Workshop

  • Master Fitness Trainer Course